"Ever since Mom passed, Dad seldom leaves the house."
"I loved cooking for the holidays but now my family doesn't want me to."
Do any of these comments sound familiar?
"I had a great social life until my son moved me to Houston.  Now I feel like a prisoner in my new home and I'm lonely."
"Night driving frightens me so I don't go out in the evenings."
Stepping Out Again - copyright 2014  Joyce Greenfield
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Joyce Greenfield
Stepping Out Again is a gentle service to re-connect isolated seniors to the social activities they once enjoyed before they experienced a significant loss or several life changes.  
A professional from Stepping Out Again might accompany an able-bodied senior to a movie, a baseball game, a gala, the symphony or a quiet restaurant.

If the client prefers to remain in their home, we might engage them in purposeful conversation while working on a hobby or assisting them with cooking special holiday dishes. Social interaction and engagement are key to re-kindling that spark of joy.
Allow us to share in your memories, hobbies and future plans!
Joyce explains how beneficial our service can be for you and your family.
Of course there are countless versions of these concerns but the issues are similar. At a time when older adults have many experiences and wisdom to share, their circumstances may become barriers to enjoying their "golden years". Socialization is an essential component of remaining vital and healthy.  Stepping Out Again can help.